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As a small business owner, It's important to keep your staff nicotine-free. A smoke-free workplace is what customers expect when working with a small business. We understand the challenge of keeping employees accountable. That's why we created the NicoTests Saliva Test. It makes for an easy and non-intrusive way to test without making your team members feel violated.

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Benefits of Saliva Tests over Urine Tests

Saliva tests are much easier to administer and less intrusive than urine tests

It’s practically impossible to cheat on a saliva nicotine test compared to the countless ways to cheat a urine nicotine test

Saliva tests can detect nicotine immediately after use

Saliva tests are hassle-free for both parties

Easy to use and non-intrusive - with immediate results

The window of detection is 3 to 4 days after the last use

The test takes seconds to administer.

Simply collect a small amount of saliva with our saliva cup, and then using the included pipette out a few drops on to the test cassette, and wait for results. The ultra sensitive test detects nicotine (cotinine) at the 30ng/ml level

"I ordered a 50 pack of the saliva tests for the office to administer bi-quarterly tests. They’re easy enough to use and they seem very accurate. It’s helped us to have a clean and healthy culture."

Maria D.

“I choose these because they were super sensitive and I wanted to be double sure that I would pass a nicotine test for my new job. They’re easy to use and easy to read. Since they test at half the levels of most standard nicotine test, I had NO doubt that I would pass.”

Frank G.