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Australia bans e-cigarettes and vapor use

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)announced on April 10, 2017 “After consideration of the available scientific information and the extensive public submissions for nicotine, the TGA’S final decision on this application was there should be no change in regulations.” This continues Australia's ban on liquid nicotine, essentially eliminating use of e-cigarettes and vapor devices.

The Australian Medical Association, the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Cancer Council all backed this ruling. On the other hand, Dr Alex Wodak, of the  Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation described the ruling as “very biased”.

“The TGA’s decision is remarkably deficient in so many areas,” he said in a statment.

“They have made a lot of emphasis about possible risks of e-cigarettes - and of course there are risks, they are generally small risks and very uncertain - but they completely ignored the potential benefits which are much larger and much more likely.”

This is part of a lively world-wide debate over the risk and value of e-cigarettes.

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