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About NicoTests

NicoTests® addresses the need for nicotine tests in the US and worldwide. We are Social Workers and Family Therapists with years of experience in helping people quit smoking. NicoTests® has published professional articles on smoking cessation, have consulted to The American Lung Association, and have led smoking cessation workshops for major corporations. Please contact us with questions, concerns or problems related to smoking, tobacco and nicotine.

Our products are sold on the NicoTests® website, as well as Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, eBay, and Walmart.

A sampling of our nicotine testing products include:

  • Most Sensitive Nicotine Test from NicoTests®
  • NicoTests® - Vaping and E-Cigarette Nicotine/Continine Urine Test 
  • NicoTests® Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body
  • NicoTests® Super-Sensitive - Be Sure - 5 tests per pack
  • NicoTests® Nicotine Second Hand Smoke and Vape Test – 5 Pieces
  • NicoTests® Saliva Vapor Test
  • Nicotine/Tobacco Test Kit for Vapor Detection, Employment, Medical and Insurance - by NicoTests®
  • Saliva Nicotine Smoking Test by NicoTests®
  • TeenCheck for Vaping Nicotine and Marijuana from NicoTests®
  • TeenCheck from NicoTests® for Nicotine, Alcohol and Marijuana
  • My Baby for Second Hand Smoke from NicoTests®
  • THCCheck™: Instant 20 Ng/ml Ultra-Sensitive Marijuana Drug Test