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Extra-Sensitive Marijuana Nicotine and Alcohol - 300 ng EtG- Urine Drug Test with collection cups

Extra-Sensitive Marijuana Nicotine and Alcohol - 300 ng EtG- Urine Drug Test with collection cups

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Marijuana THC  - Nicotine Continine - Alcohol EtG  300 ng Urine Drug Test - 3 Panel Home Test with collection cups - Easy To Use - Fast Results

This is a 3 panel home drug test which separately detects the presence of THC, Nicotine, and Alcohol in the system. Each test kit show separate results for Marijuana, Nicotine and alcohol.

  • LAB ACCURACY: Quickly and accurately test for THC (20 ng/ml) and Nicotine (100 ng/ml) from Vaping and all other uses as well as alcohol (300 ng/ml) from all sources. 
  • EASY TO USE: Get confidential results in the privacy of your own home with a simple dip into urine. (2 lines appear if clean, 1 control line only appears if not clean). Our THC and Nicotine test kits are a one step, easy-to-use, self-testing device with clear instructions to help you read and interpret your results
  • INSTANT RESULTS - Results are ready in just 5 minutes with over 99% accuracy, all in the privacy of your own home. 
  • EtG is a "breakdown metabolite" resulting from alcohol consumption, which can detect alcohol use for up to 80 hours after consumption. As with any test, detection varies by the amount consumed, the metabolism of the subject and other variables. This test will not detect incidental exposure, such as from a sip of communion wine.
  • Includes urine collection cups.

Customer Reviews

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Kim B
Easy to use - works

Thank you for the ease of use.

Shannon Oconner

I was very happy with the easy use of the test and easy to read the results, took a little longer than I would have liked to get the test but other than that i’m happy

Donna L
Issues fixed promptly by company

Had some shopping issues. Company reached out immediately and issue was rectified. It was a USPS error and not the company’s. Highly recommend but allow extra time for shipping as the post office is very backed up

Margaret Lewis

Delivery was much longer than expected

Yes, the Post Office has become very unreliable.


Great tests. Easy to use, very accurate. Sensitive enough to pick up what some other tests don't.