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Extra-Sensitive Nicotine Urine Test Kit with collection cups

Extra-Sensitive Nicotine Urine Test Kit with collection cups

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  • This is an extra-sensitive, simple, inexpensive and accurate nicotine urine test.
  • It is twice as sensitive as a standard insurance level test, which means it tests at the 100 ng/mL level, as compared to the standard 200 ng/mL level, which is the most common level of detection for nicotine testing.
  • This test is commonly used by those who want to be absolutely sure nicotine is out of their body.
  • Popular with medical researchers.
  • The test is reliable, accurate, and easy to use: just dip the test in a urine sample for 10 seconds, or until the test strip begins to "pink up," then read the results within a minute.
  • Includes urine collection cups.

    Test Result Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ron Smith
Very good test kit.

Your test kit was very easy to use and seemed accurate.

Franco Cavalcanti

Results for a non smoker came out positive. As well as for heavy smoker. Unreliable to say the least.

Laurie Kwarcinski
Needed for new job.

I was asked for a job interview with a system that was nicotine free. Worried because I smoked and vaped for many years. Nicotine free in 4 days. Tested a couple of times just for peace of mind. If I passed this test I’m sure I’ll pass the hire test.

Shannon Coe
Great Product

Simple and accurate. Great for home testing.

Rachel S
Great test

Quick and efficient getting the order to me. Tests are easy to use and easy to read