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Extra-Sensitive Nicotine Saliva 30 ng Test Kit

Extra-Sensitive Nicotine Saliva 30 ng Test Kit

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Help keep your kids safe with NicoTests’ Vapor & E-Cigarette Saliva Test.

  • Easy to use and non intrusive - immediate results
  • Perfect for use by parents, coaches, and others concerned with teen health. 
  • Window of detection is up to 4 days after the last E-Cigarette or Vaping use
  • The saliva nicotine test takes seconds to administer. 
  • Extra-sensitive nicotine test kit- detects nicotine (cotinine) at the 30ng/ml level
  • Saliva collection cups included with this order

Benefits of Saliva Tests over Urine Tests

  • Saliva nicotine tests are much easier to administer and less intrusive than urine nicotine tests
  • It’s practically impossible to cheat on a saliva nicotine test compared to the countless ways to cheat a urine nicotine test
  • Saliva tests can detect nicotine immediately after use.
  • Test Result Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michelle Dittrich
Save a teen

This product is an tool that every parent with a teenager that is suspected of vaping or smoking. It has actually saved his life and made him realize that life is precious. You only get one life to live.

rachel fortier

Easy to use and worth the money.

James French
Works as advertised

I needed to have a nicotine metabolites test for surgery. This product was on the money after 5 days of abstinence .

Very satisfied

Everything went smoothly.

Aaron Thomas

My 14 year old now gets it that we have a reliable way to verify if he is vaping.